Second time... Unlucky

Yesterday I woke up to having a bit of a sore throat. I didn't think much of it but when it got to around midday, my body started to ache a bit. The aching kept getting progressively worse throughout the whole day, and by time I went to bed, I was feeling very rough.

I woke up today with what only I can describe as razor blades in my throat. It hurts like hell to talk, and to cough. The aching of the body is still present too, as well as a headache.

I ended up taking a Covid test, and not to my surprise, it came back positive. Just my luck.

WWE Survivor Series: WarGames 2022 Predictions


The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre & Kevin Owens vs. The Bloodline (WarGames Match)

Prediction: The Bloodline
Winner: The Bloodline

Bianca Belair’s team to take on Damage CTRL in WarGames Match!

Prediction: Damage CTRL
Winnner: Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Mia Yim & Becky Lynch

Ronda Rousey vs. Shotzi (SmackDown Women's Championship)

Prediction: Ronda Rousey
Winner: Ronda Rousey

AJ Styles vs. AJ Styles vs. Finn Bálor

Prediction: Finn Bálor
Winner: AJ Styles

United States Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Theory (Triple Threat Match)

Prediction: Seth “Freakin” Rollins
Winner: Austin Theory

Phishing emails: How to spot them and what to do if you’ve clicked on one

When it comes to cybercrime, phishing is the most common weapon a criminal has to obtain people’s personal information and break into their online accounts. Phishing has become so prevalent over the last decade; more people are becoming victims to it each year. It is important to know what phishing email scams are, how to spot them, and what to do when you’ve clicked on one.

What are phishing emails?

Phishing emails are a way for cyber criminals to try and trick victims into giving over personal information. They will often send emails that look like they are from a legitimate bank or retailer.

Phishing emails will usually ask you for the following information:

  • Bank account details
  • National insurance numbers
  • PIN numbers
  • Usernames and passwords
  • Credit or debit card numbers
  • Date of birth

Legitimate companies will never ask for any of the information above in their emails.

Phishing emails can also send you to cloned websites that look like a real website to try fool you into typing sensitive information on the site.

Emails contain bad grammar and spelling mistakes

The easiest way to tell if you’ve received a phishing email is by the numerous grammatical errors and spelling mistakes throughout the email. Scammers will usually tend to misspell simple words, but to the contrary, this can be by design. Cyber criminals will usually tend to target people they deem “uneducated” as they feel they will be easier targets for them to hack.

Along with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, phishing emails will use common greetings such as “Dear Sir,” “Dear customer,” or “Dear account holder.” They will never address you by your name.

Suspicious email attachments

Phishing emails will usually have a work document, PDF, exe, or ZIP file attached to the email. These attachments usually contain some type of malware that will infect your computer when you open it. Most attachments scammers send in an email will usually be named after some sort of order receipt or refund form.

Emails that demand you to take urgent action

Cyber criminals will try to word an email in a way that will try to get you to take urgent action, so they can get your personal information as quickly as possible. They usually do this by using scenarios that play on a person’s curiosity like winning a cash prize or other expensive items, and they state you must claim the prize in a limited amount of time. This type of tactic is extremely popular, especially when it comes to scamming people who may be computer illiterate or of an older age because it makes people think irrationally.

Emails are sent from public domain addresses

Cyber criminals will try to act as a legitimate company by making their emails look similar to genuine emails sent out by companies. They hope that you will be easily fooled, but there’s a straightforward way to tell if an email is more likely genuine or not.
A legitimate company like a bank or retailer will use their own domain for their email communications. For example, eBay will use an email address like: or

If you get an email from eBay or another company and you are not sure on the legitimacy, always check the domain of the email. Cyber criminals that are trying to trick people into handing over information will often send emails using free email services like Outlook, Yahoo Mail or Gmail.

ebay-support @ or ebay @

Emails like these are guaranteed to be fake. A reputable company will never use these email domain services and they will never ask for personal information like passwords and credit card information.

What to do if you’ve clicked on a phishing email

There are different things you should do depending on what actions you have taken when receiving a phishing email.
If you’ve clicked on a phishing email and have not clicked on any attachments or links within it, simply report the email as phishing and discard the email.

If you’ve opened an attachment from a phishing email, make sure you disconnect your device from the internet just in case malware infects your computer and spreads to other devices connected to your Wi-Fi. It can also prevent a hacker who has breached your device from sending outbound information. Make sure to scan your devices with malware software to detect if malware is present on your system. You should also backup your files on a regular basis in case you need to reset your device to factory settings.

If you’ve clicked on a link, make sure you change your passwords on all of your accounts and enable two-factor authentication, as this makes it difficult for hackers to access your important accounts. If you’ve input any banking details onto the website from the link you’ve clicked, call your bank to have your details changed to keep your money safe.

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Awesome things you can do with an old USB drive

Years ago, USB flash drives were amazing for storing and transferring files like music and movies with friends and family. All you had to do was hand over the USB flash drive and plug it into a computer. Today, USB flash drives have more or less become obsolete as cloud storage and transfer solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox & Airdrop make it easier than ever to send larger files – eliminating the need of carrying a flash drive. As a result, most USB devices people own are stored in a random drawer somewhere, collecting a whole lot of dust.

Well, it’s time to undust those old USB flash dives you’ve got stored away somewhere, as there are some cool things you can do with them that still make them super handy today.

Run portable apps

USB flash drives aren’t just for storing files, they can store and run applications too. Most applications that you can install on a computer, can easily be copied over to a USB flash drive for portability. There is a dedicated website called Portable Apps that lets Windows users run any app on any Windows PC. After downloading and running the installer, just plug in a USB device into a computer and you’re good to go. There is no need to reinstall applications as they’re already loaded onto the USB flash drive.

Store sensitive files securely

As the world has opening up to international travel, it’s important to take spare copies of your passport and other travel documents like proof of vaccination with you on your travels. With storing these sensitive files on a USB flash drive, you may be thinking “what if my USB gets lost and someone finds it and looks through the files?” You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking this and it’s a valid concern. Luckily, there are some free tools out there that make your USB flash drive secure by encrypting it. Programs like VeraCrypt and DiskCryptor allow you to fully encrypt the USB flash drive, and they allow you to create an encrypted partition.

In simple terms, an encrypted partition is like a secure folder where you’d store your most sensitive files, while allowing non-sensitive files to be stored unencrypted on the USB.

Run an operating system

A cool thing you can do with a USB flash drive is booting a Linux operating system from it. You can turn any Windows computer into a fully independent Linux computer. A popular Linux OS that can be installed onto a USB flash drive is Ubuntu, and it is fairly simple to get the Distro installed onto the device. There is a helpful tutorial on the Ubuntu website that easily explains how to get it up and running.

If you are privacy conscious, there is a Linux operating system called Tails. Tails routes your computers internet connection through the Tor network and runs independently. This is a great option for journalists or people who are in a censorship country like China.

Run a rescue drive

Viruses and malware are everywhere on the internet, and they are getting smarter at bypassing security tools. If you ever get into a situation where you accidentally install a piece of malware that destroys your PC, you want to make sure that you have a backup plan. With an old USB flash drive, you can install a recovery program like Hiren’s BootCD that contains lots of different tools and utilities that can help to fix many issues that your PC may experience.

The important thing about Hiren’s BootCD is that it’s completely free to load onto a USB flash drive and all of the software contained on the device does not contain any pirated software.

Donate to charity

If you insist on throwing out your old USB flash drive, how about donating it to charity instead? That’s right, your old USB can still be useful to someone and not be dumped in a landfill somewhere. There is a fantastic charity called Flash Drives For Freedom that smuggles outside information into North Korea. When you send your USB flash drive, it will be wiped and then used to store information that is banned by the North Korean Government. Depending on the size of your USB flash drive, South Korean soap operas, Hollywood movies, interviews with North Korean defectors, and Korean translated Wikipedia pages can be loaded onto it. Your USB will then be smuggled into North Korea and delivered to a North Korean citizen.

These are some things you can do with that old USB flash drive you’ve got stored away, and I hope you found some of these useful.

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Rain is a beautiful thing

I love rain, especially on those days when I just can't be bothered to do anything. I love sitting in my living room with a hot cup of coffee, and look out the window, enjoying the relaxing sound of rain drops hitting the window.

The relaxing sound of rain helps me to explore my thoughts, as well as clear my mind of thoughts. It helps me to work that little bit harder, and when the day is done, rain helps me get a good night's sleep when I need it the most.

Rain is a beautiful thing.

Why everyone should use a password manager

Every day, we log into many different websites on the internet. Whether it is logging into YouTube to look at that cat video a friend sent you, or you simply want to check your online banking account. With all these accounts, we must remember many different passwords to log in to each one. As a result, we tend to re-use the same passwords because it is just way more convenient than having many different passwords that you'll ultimately forget.

The problem with re-using the same passwords

Chances are that most people who are reading this article are re-using the same password for every single account they have made online. Or they may use a slight variation of that password for other accounts that includes a different name of a relative, friend or an important birthdate. The truth is, these types of passwords are not secure at all and the problem of re-using the same passwords is that once a hacker gains access to one account, they then have access all your other accounts.

Passwords have a vital role in our online security. They are our first line of defence to stop hackers from gaining access to our social media accounts, work accounts and even our online banking. Insecure passwords mean that hackers have a better chance of brute forcing your passwords so they can steal all your confidential information and even your identity.
According to Nord Security - the company behind NordPass and NordVPN, some of the most commonly used passwords in 2022 are:

  1. 123456

  2. 123456789

  3. qwerty

  4. password

  5. 12345

  6. qwerty123

  7. 1q2w3e

  8. 12345678

  9. 111111

  10. 1234567890

If you use any of these passwords, they can easily be guessed by a hacker in less than a second and you should really consider using a password manager.

What is a password manager?

A password manager is an application that you install on your computer, mobile phone, or any other device you may have, that creates a secure encrypted vault for all your passwords. They are locked by a master password and is synchronised across all your devices. When a password manager is installed on your device, it can create secure logins for your accounts by generating a strong password (usually made up of random letters, numbers, and symbols) and even autofill your login information into websites.

For extra security, make sure you copy and paste your login information from your manager into the website manually, instead of the manager auto filling passwords for you. A password manager gives you the convenience of never having to remember any password, while keeping all your accounts secure.

Creating a secure master password
As a password manager is a digital vault for all your logins, your master password is the only password that you will ever need to remember. This means it needs to be unique and long to remain secure.

When making a master password, bear in mind that:

  • It should be at least twenty characters long – This is to ensure a hacker cannot easily guess or brute force the password.
  • Do not include generic words or dates – Words like “password” or birth dates can easily be guessed by hackers in a matter of seconds.
  • Unique – Your master password should be a completely brand-new password that you have never used on any other account.

As well as being long, your master password should also be as random as possible. An effective way to make a random yet secure password, is to use a phrase that does not make any sense but is easy to remember.

An example of this could be:

  • Pencil sharpeners are made of chocolate buttons

This example master password is very random and secure, yet it is easy to remember. Having a password like this reduces the chance that a hacker can guess or brute force their way into obtaining it to unlock the vault.

Are password managers safe?

It is a legitimate question to ask because password managers store all your account passwords, and a hacker could theoretically try to gain access and steal all your passwords from the manager. However, it is very unlikely to happen because when you lock your password manager’s vault, all the data inside is heavily encrypted and becomes unreadable. Depending on the strength of the encryption used and how long your master password is, a hacker would need to break the encryption algorithm set by the manager and this can be impossible to crack.

Using a password manager from a trusted company like Bitwarden or 1Password, is also considered to be more safe because any vulnerabilities that are discovered in the application are usually patched fairly quickly, thus eliminating any threats that could compromise your data. Furthermore, it is always important to research whether a password manager uses zero knowledge encryption to secure your data so that even the company behind the manager cannot snoop around in your vault.


Password managers are a fantastic way to strengthen your online security by allowing you to generate strong and unique passwords for all your personal accounts, thus minimising the risk of your important data and identity being stolen by hackers. They also provide convenience because they will automatically save any new logins you create and autofill them into websites for you. The only password you will ever need to remember is the master password to your vault. Continuing to re-use insecure passwords for every account you have, will keep your important data at risk.

WWE Crown Jewel 2022 Predictions

WWE returns to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 2 mega matches; Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul for the Undisputed Universal Championship and Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley.


Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul

PREDICTION: Roman Reigns
WINNER: Roman Reigns

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Bayley (Last Woman Standing Match)

WINNER: Bianca Belair

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. The Brawling Brutes

WINNER: The Usos

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs. Dakota Kai & IYO SKY

PREDICTION: Alexa Bliss & Asuka
WINNER: Dakota Kai & IYO SKY


Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley

PREDICTION: Brock Lesnar
WINNER: Brock Lesnar

Braun Strowman vs. Omos

PREDICTION: Braun Strowman
WINNER: Braun Strowman

The O.C. vs. The Judgment Day (Six-Man Tag Team)

PREDICTION: The Judgement Day
WINNER: The Judgement Day

Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross (Steel Cage Match)

PREDICTION: Karrion Kross
WINNER: Drew McIntyre

How to: Sharing your Standard Notes subscription with others

In recent weeks, the team at Standard Notes have added the ability for users to share their subscription with 5 other people. If you are subscribed to the Professional plan, you can share it with a significant other, family member or friends - and they get the same features like maximum note revisions, shared 100GB of encrypted storage and encrypted backups on their desktop computers.

Sharing a subscription with others is easy and requires a few steps.

Before following these steps, you need to make sure that the person you want to share the subscription with has set up a free Standard Notes account. If they haven't done this, the invite link will not work when accepting.

To share your Professional subscription:

  • Open your preferences menu in the bottom left corner of the Standard Notes app.
  • On the account section, scroll down to the "subscription sharing" box and click on the "invite button."
  • Input the invitee email into the box and click "send invite."

The invitee will then get an email containing a clickable link.
When clicking on the link, they should get a text dialogue stating the following;


Congrats! You've successfully shared your subscription.

Please note:

  • If the text dialogue shows "success:false" at the end after the invitee has clicked the link, the invite did not work.

  • Shared subscriptions DO NOT get unique storage. Everyone shares the 100GB encrypted storage.

  • You can remove an invitee from sharing the subscription by removing their email from the "shared subscription" box in the Standard Notes preferences menu.

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Predictions

Will we see the return of Bray Wyatt at Extreme Rules?


SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey (Extreme Rules Match)

PREDICTION: Ronda Rousey
WINNER: Ronda Rousey

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Bayley (Ladder Match)

WINNER: Bianca Belair


Matt Riddle vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins (Inside the Fight Pit with Special Guest Referee Daniel Cormier)

WINNER: Matt Riddle

Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross (Strap Match)

PREDICTION: Karrion Kross
WINNER: Karrion Kross

Edge vs. Finn Bálor (“I Quit” Match)

WINNER: Finn Bálor

The Brawling Brutes vs. Imperium (Six-Man Tag Team Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match)

WINNER: The Brawling Brutes

Bray Wyatt returned at the end of Extreme Rules, confirming that he was behind the white rabbit vignettes during the past month.

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Created some digital art

I've recently been creating some digital art in my spare time. I've never really done a lot of digital art before, but I am liking the creative freedom it brings.

This digital art is inspired by my Cyberpunk 2077 character:

A dark figure discovered:

Lady in the rain:

I hope you like them. I plan to share more soon.

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Queen Elizabeth II

Rest In Peace to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

WWE Clash At The Castle Predictions

For the first time since SummerSlam 1992, WWE returns to the United Kingdom for a stadium pay-per-view event. WWE Clash At The Castle will take place at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales - with Drew McIntyre taking on "The Head of the Table" Roman Reigns for the undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the main event.


Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

WINNER: Roman Reigns

SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan vs. Shayna Baszler

WINNER: Liv Morgan

Intercontinental Champion Gunther vs. Sheamus

WINNER: Gunther


Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss and Asuka vs. Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY

PREDICTION: Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY
WINNER: Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY

Riddle vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins

WINNER: Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. The Judgment Day

PREDICTION: The Judgement Day
WINNER: Edge & Rey Mysterio

How to watch WWE Clash At The Castle?

UK: You can watch WWE Clash At The Castle on Saturday September 3rd at 6pm BST on the WWE Network. New subscribers get their first month for free: Sign up here

WWE Clash At The Castle will also be available to watch on BT Sport 2.

US: You can watch WWE Clash At The Castle on Saturday September 3rd at 1pm ET on the WWE section on Peacock.

WWE is a trademark of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

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Addicted to watching movies at the cinema

I recently purchased a myLIMITLESS membership for my local Odeon cinema, and with that membership I can go and see as many movies as I want, as often as I want.

These are the movies I've watched so far since owning a myLIMITLESS membership:

  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • Nope
  • Thor: Love and Thunder (X2)
  • Bullet Train (X2)
  • DC League of Super-Pets (X2)
  • Jurassic World: Dominion
  • Elvis (X2)
  • Lightyear

WWE SummerSlam 2022 Predictions


Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (Last Man Standing Match)

PREDICTION: Roman Reigns
WINNER: Roman Reigns

SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey

WINNER: Liv Morgan

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch

PREDICTION: Bianca Belair
WINNER: Bianca Belair

United States Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Theory

PREDICTION: Bobby Lashley
WINNER: Bobby Lashley

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos takes on The Street Profits (with Special Guest Referee Jeff Jarrett)

WINNER: The Usos


Logan Paul vs. The Miz

WINNER: Logan Paul

The Mysterios vs. Finn Bálor & Damian Priest of The Judgment Day (No Disqualification Match)

PREDICTION: The Judgement Day
Dominik Mysterio to possibly join The Judgement Day
WINNER: The Mysterios

Seth Rollins vs. Mystery opponent

PREDICTION: Mystery opponent
WINNER: No Contest

Pat McAfee vs. Happy Corbin

WINNER: Pat McAfee

Vince McMahon retires from WWE

After purchasing WWE (then WWF) from his father in 1982, Vince McMahon's 40 year career has come to an end. Earlier today, the former CEO & Chairman of WWE announced his retirement from the company - marking an end of an era in professional wrestling and sports entertainment.

Vince McMahon released the following statement:

As I approach 77 years old, I feel it’s time for me to retire as Chairman and CEO of WWE. Throughout the years, it’s been a privilege to help WWE bring you joy, inspire you, thrill you, surprise you, and always entertain you. I would like to thank my family for mightily contributing to our success, and I would also like to thank all of our past and present Superstars and employees for their dedication and passion for our brand. Most importantly, I would like to thank our fans for allowing us into your homes every week and being your choice of entertainment. I hold the deepest appreciation and admiration for our generations of fans all over the world who have liked, currently like, and sometimes even love our form of Sports Entertainment.

Our global audience can take comfort in knowing WWE will continue to entertain you with the same fervor, dedication, and passion as always. I am extremely confident in the continued success of WWE, and I leave our company in the capable hands of an extraordinary group of Superstars, employees, and executives – in particular, both Chairwoman and Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon and Co-CEO Nick Khan. As the majority shareholder, I will continue to support WWE in any way I can. My personal thanks to our community and business partners, shareholders, and Board of Directors for their guidance and support through the years. Then. Now. Forever. Together.

60 random facts about me!

  1. My favourite colour is Orange
  2. I am English
  3. I am left handed
  4. I'm fat
  5. The city I live in is named after a breed of chicken
  6. I have a phobia of wasps
  7. I cannot eat any sea food
  8. I know the National Anthem of New Zealand (Maori verse, and English verse)
  9. I have a forklift licence
  10. I have an astigmatism in both my left and right eye
  11. My favourite food is pepperoni pizza
  12. I hate reading books
  13. People often say I sound older than I actually am
  14. I dislike weather above 20C
  15. I don't have any tattoos
  16. I love watching professional wrestling
  17. I have watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens a total of 13 times (at the time of writing this)
  18. I am very good at table tennis
  19. I am practically addicted to McVitie's Jaffa Cakes
  20. I collect Xbox controllers
  21. I once stayed awake for 3 days
  22. My favourite weekday is Thursday
  23. I hate football
  24. I am a very laid-back person
  25. I am not religious, but I do believe in a higher power.
  26. I basically live in plain black t-shirts
  27. I permanently deleted my Facebook account in March 2020 
  28. I respect people more when they are honest
  29. I cannot sleep unless I have the sound of rain in the background
  30. I am a minimalistic person
  31. I once lost 2 stone (28lbs) in 4 weeks of exercising
  32. I have an Xbox Live tenure of 13+ years
  33. My current favourite artist is The Weeknd
  34. I am a very private person.
  35. I prefer Pepsi to Coca Cola
  36. I was once followed by WWE UK on Twitter
  37. I once had a hamster called Spud
  38. I once was vegetarian for a year
  39. My favourite browser is Firefox
  40. My favourite season is Winter because I love cooler temperatures
  41. I have 2 siblings
  42. My favourite subject in school was Geography
  43. I am an early morning person
  44. I prefer Xbox over PlayStation
  45. I'm an avid fan of all things trucks
  46. Papa John's is my favourite pizza chain
  47. I am very good with directions
  48. I hate rollercoasters
  49. I never carry any cash
  50. I am obsessed with keeping my email inbox tidy
  51. I believe in extraterrestrial life 
  52. I don't like talking on the phone
  53. I cannot swim
  54. I have a collection of Doctor Who cards
  55. I always have 3 sugars in my tea
  56. I share the same surname with the bestselling author, Eoin Colfer
  57. I am very competitive
  58. My favourite animal are Polar Bears
  59. I can't start the day without eating a bowl of cereal
  60. Every time I eat spicy food, I always get hiccups