Use F-Droid over the Google Play Store

F-Droid is an alternative app repository for the Google Play Store. Apps that are available through F-Droid are open-source and free with privacy in mind. If you are looking to move away from Google services, F-Droid has many alternative apps that can be used as a replacement.

You can check out the F-Droid website here: - where you can download the F-Droid client for Android.

Below, I have listed some essential apps that are free to download on F-Droid.

  • NetGuard

NetGuard is an application that allows you to block internet access for certain apps. For example, if you don't want Google Maps accessing the internet to track your location, you can simply block access within NetGuard. 

  • NewPipe

NewPipe is a YouTube client that doesn't use Google's frameworks or the YouTube API. You are able to watch videos through the app without ads being displayed. As with YouTube premium allowing you to listen to video audio in the background and download videos, NewPipe allows you to do this completely free.

  • KeePassDX

KeePassDX is a free open-source password manager that's compatible with KeePass files. This password manager is very light weight, doesn't contain ads and doesn't use any strange permissions.

  • Encrypt Text

Encrypt Text is exactly what it says - it encrypts text you type into the application. Using AES 256 bit encryption, you can send encrypted text over the internet using non end-to-end encrypted platforms and messaging services.  Encrypt Text is completely free and doesn't contain ads.

  • Simple Contacts

Simple Contacts is a replacement for Google Contacts. If you don't want Google knowing your contacts, this app is essential. Simple Contacts is free and doesn't contain ads. All of your contacts remain on your phone and not sent to any server.

  • Bromite Browser

Bromite is probably the best privacy featured browser on mobile. Using the open-source chromium software, it feels a lot like Google Chrome mobile browser but with better privacy. Bromite is completely free. 

Updated on 30/08/2020

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