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A few years ago I really wanted to improve my online security because I was reusing the same passwords for most of my accounts and they were less than 8 characters long. So I looked online to see what things I could do and use to improve my online security and I came across an article talking about password managers. After reading the article, I settled on using LastPass password manager because I wanted to use a free product as I simply didn't have the money to buy a yearly subscription to 1Password or Dashlane. LastPass served me well for a free password manager for around 3 years. I liked that most of the features you needed were not locked behind a premium paywall, so I continued to use it.

Everything was fine with LastPass until it ended up getting hacked. This left me worried about the security of my passwords and secure notes and ultimately made me decide to move to a different password manager. Like the first time I was searching for a password manager, I read articles about the pros and cons of many different password managers and compared the features to how useful they would be to me. Bitwarden immediately stood out for me. The fact that it was completely free to use and open source software was an instant confirmation to me that this was the password manager I would use from now on. I signed up for an account on Bitwarden and transferred all of my passwords over from LastPass. The transition was super easy as all I needed to do was export a file from my LastPass vault and import it into my Bitwarden vault. Thank god I didn't have to manually input every single login as I would be sitting there for hours transferring everything.

This is the process of importing your passwords from another password manager. Simply select the format, select the file and click "import data". In an instant, all of your logins are now safely and securely stored in your Bitwarden vault.

This is a screenshot of the Bitwarden web vault. The interface and design makes it every simple to use and navigate.

I have been using Bitwarden for just over a year now and I honestly don't think I'll ever change to another password manager again. Bitwarden has worked so well for me, I decided to pay for their extremely cheap premium plan. So cheap in fact, it's only $10 a year compared to 1Password's $39 a year premium subscription or Dashlane's $60 premium subscription. Being open source too gives me an extra sense of security. Compared to the other password managers, Bitwarden's source code can be looked at by anyone and security experts and Bitwarden hires third party auditing companies to find vulnerabilities in the software so they can be fixed which makes the password manager more secure for everyone.

One thing I don't like about Bitwarden though is that there isn't an emergency access feature to allow a trusted person access to your Bitwarden vault in case something happens to yourself. Luckily though, this is a highly requested feature in the Bitwarden community forums and the team have finally added this to the roadmap!

All in all, I can't recommend Bitwarden enough. If you want an open source password manager that's super secure and that offers a lot of features for free, Bitwarden is best password manager for you.


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