Tell Me Why Game

DONTNOD have done it again!

At the time of this writing, DONTNOD's Tell Me Why chapter three is just about to release and I cannot wait. Playing through the first two episodes was a blast and once again reminded me why I love playing DONTNOD's games: great story telling.

Being a massive fan of the Life is Strange games, I was very curious to what direction the team would take this time. What the team have produced is simply a masterpiece. Once again, the team over at DONTNOD have knocked it out of the park and I think Tell Me Why could well be one of their best games to date. You can always tell you're playing a DONTNOD game by the amazing soundtrack that has carefully been selected to bring out the emotions of the player, stories that feel very personal and that everyone can relate to and also the fantastic voice acting.

I don't know how the story will conclude in chapter three but I really do hope DONTNOD make more episodes or make a prequel game like they did with Life is Strange: Before the Storm. 

Final score verdict:

8.5 / 10 - Impressive

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