Saving up for the Xbox Series S or X

So the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S releases November 10th, and being a long time Xbox user I gotta get one of these consoles. Now that all sounds simple as all I have to do is place a pre-order for the console and pay when it releases. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as that. Money is a big problem for me right now. The coronavirus pandemic has hit me fairly hard financially (like most people) and I simply don't have the money to buy a console.


Xbox Series S = £249 (left)

Xbox Series X = £449 (right)

Obviously, I would love to buy the more powerful console of the two, the Xbox Series X but it's way out of my budget. I could go for the cheaper option, the Xbox Series S but even then I'm still going to have to save up. (First world problems, am I right? [sarcasm]) I am going to try and save up enough money for the X but if I can't, I'll most likely go for the S.

I am just hoping that my local game store does a console trade in deal to make the cost of the new console cheaper.

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