I managed to order an Xbox Series X!

Just like the title says, I managed to order a brand new Xbox Series X on launch day (Nov 10th) and let me tell you, it was an absolute pain in the ass to actually order the thing. I woke up on the 10th early in the morning around 6am because I had gotten an email from GAME saying they were going to have limited stock of the Xbox Series X and S on sale at 8am. I got the computer ready with the GAME website fully loaded up and waited until 8am. Bang on 8am, I refreshed the website and clicked on the Xbox Series X listing and was presented with this:

"This product is currently out of stock"

When I saw this message, I was thinking to myself "how can this be?" - I literally just refreshed the page and it's already gone out of stock. 

Feeling disappointed, I checked Twitter to learn that there was a delay of the stock being added to the site. I still had some hope! I continued to refresh the same page for literally around 4 more hours until it came  up with a queue system. As soon as I saw the queue page, I knew the stock had been added.

To my surprise, I must of refreshed at the right time because I was only in the queue for around 10 seconds until it loaded me back onto the Xbox Series X listing page. When the page loaded after being in the queue, on the right side, "ORDER NOW" was in big bold font. I clicked that button as fast as I could because I knew that the console would literally sell out in seconds, just like the first preorder wave. I clicked the button and the Series X went into my basket without any problems and I managed to confirm my payment details and complete my order. Out of curiosity, I checked the listing page as soon as my order had completed and the console had already sold out. 2 minutes is all it took and it was gone!

Even though I managed to successfully order the Xbox Series X on launch day, the console may not turn up at my house until December 18th due to stock demands. I obviously really want my console right now but I'm just thankful I was able to secure a console. 

If you are trying to order an Xbox Series X/S or a PlayStation 5, I wish you good luck. Believe me when I say this, you'll need it!

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