Cryptee - A secure alternative to Evernote & Google Photos

If you are looking for a secure alternative to Evernote & Google Photos, Cryptee offers users peace of mind with zero-knowledge encryption for all of the personal files. Zero-knowledge encryption is great for user privacy because all files are encrypted on the users device before they are uploaded onto the Cryptee servers. As these files are encrypted on the deivce, the team at Cryptee & hackers cannot spy on your files. If a government three letter agency seized Cryptee's servers, they cannot read the contents of your files, meaning you are the only one with access.

What is

Desription from the website: Cryptee is a safety and privacy focused, encrypted and cross-platform personal data storage service. You can write personal documents, notes, journals, store photos and all sorts of other files.

It works on all your devices and provides a zero-knowledge place to keep all your sensitive digital belongings. cryptee has all the features you'd expect from a modern document editor, like live sync with unlimited devices, rich document editing, to-dos, markdown, hotkeys, code highlighting, latex math, embeds, attachments, support for tables, ability to attach pdf files, read epub ebooks, listen to audio-memos, as well as open and link other various file formats.

Cryptee was founded in Estonia by John Ozbay

Cryptee docs

With Cryptee docs, you can create and edit existing documents right within the web application. Cryptee also supports .docx files and a cool feature that was noted on the Cryptee website is that the application provides an added benefit of security by not allowing macros to run when the document is opened.

Cryptee docs also has all of the features you'd expect from Evernote like tables, checklists, highlighters, superscript and more!

This is a screenshot of a document open in Cryptee with light and dark theme enabled.

Features of Cryptee docs
Open and save .docx files
Use offline
Checkboxes and tables
Import notes from Evernote iCloud, Bear Notes & more

Cryptee photos

Cryptee photos allows you to store and create a backup your private and personal photos. Cryptee photos has a great interface that's easy to use and view all of your photos. Services like Google Photos can view all of your personal and private photos and use this information to sell you ads. As Crpytee has zero-knowledge encryption, you are the only one who can see your photos, and that's the way it should be.

Features of Cryptee photos
Hide your photos for deniability
Create albums
Built in slideshow
Favourite important photos

Cryptee prices

Cryptee has a monthly and yearly subscription for more storage but you can create a free account and try the service with 100MB for free.

Below is the amount of storage you can upgrade to:
Prices are in euro





2000GB (2TB)


Pricing information can be found here. If you decide to upgrade your storage and pay yearly, you can save up to 37%.


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