Bitwarden Send: A safe way to send sensitive information

Bitwarden has released a new feature called Bitwarden Send, which is included for free inside the Bitwarden password manager. Bitwarden Send allows a Bitwarden user to send text and files securely using end-to-end encryption to anyone they choose with a shareable link.

In order to use Bitwarden send, you must have a Bitwarden account and this is completely free to make. Once you've made an account with Bitwarden, go to your vault on the web and click on send in the navigation bar.

From there, you'll see a button saying "create new send". Click on that button and you'll be presented with this screen below where you can input your text and upload a file.
Note: Attaching files is only for Bitwarden Premium members.

Once you've chosen what options you want for your text or file, click save and send the link to your friend or colleage. When they open the link, they will be presented with this screen below, where they can copy the tex or download the file you've sent them.

You'll only receive email when they publish something new.

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