WWE's recent talent releases (RANT)

WWE have done it again. The infamous "Black Wednesday" returns exactly one year after the first with even more WWE superstars being released, despite WWE recording record earnings. It just shows you that anyone and everyone within WWE are disposable for the sake of saving or making more money. Out of all of the people who unfortunately lost their jobs on April 15, the one that shocked me the most was Samoa Joe. Seriously... how the hell can WWE come to a decision to terminate Samoa Joe's contract? Samoa Joe is one of the most talent wrestlers they have on their roster. Anything that WWE throws at him, Joe takes the situation and makes a success of it. Take his recent commentary position as an example. He was one of the best commentators despite only being one temporarily while he was out with an injury. Samoa Joe literally stood in the pouring rain at WrestleMania 37 for this company an he's repayed by being fired. Samoa Joe is literally WWE Hall of Fame material! What an absolute terrible decision to let him go. I hope AEW can give Joe a contract and let him shine and be the dominant force he was supposed to be in WWE.

Another pair of wrestlers I was surprised to see on the chopping block was Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. These two were a perfect tag team in the women's division. Literally everyone loved the IIconics in WWE and then WWE had to ruin their successful run as tag team partners by breaking them up and making them single competitors. The bad thing about this is, WWE literally had no plan for the both of them after. Why break up a successful tag team if you don't have anything for them after. It doesn't make sense! Billie Kay somehow managed to find a comedic gimmick that was actually rallying fans behind her, to then have WWE terminate her contract because Kevin Dunn "didn't get Billie Kay". I sometimes wonder if management in WWE are just plain stupid because they seem to always make stupid decisions.

I really hope that everyone who unfortunately lost their jobs on April 15 find another wrestling company that respects their talent and I hope they become very successful. Everyone on this chopping block literally could have been top stars in WWE. There was literally no reason to fire them. No one is buying budget cuts as an excuse when you've had record profits.


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