I'm addicted to Euro Truck Simulator 2

The reason I haven't been blogging much over the past 3 months is simply because I have an addiction... A addiction to trucking on Euro Truck Simulator 2.

I've sunk just over 125 hours into the game and I've been building up my fleet of trucks in my logistics company. Not to mention that I purchased pretty much every DLC the game has to offer so I've been driving all the way across Europe, exploring all different towns and cities the game has to offer. I've driven into coutries in northern Europe including Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland. I've also been exporing in eastern Europe like parts of Russia, Poland and other countries. With all of this time played in the game, I still have only around 40% of the full map explored!

With all of this driving around Europe, I needed a good reliable truck that I could drive to take me to all of these places and the truck I chose for it was the Scania S-Series.

I also managed to buy and customise my own trailer which I have attached on the back in the screenshot of the Scania.

I am going to continue to explore more of the map and haul cargo across Europe while also building up my trucking empire. I can easily see myself having over 500 hours played soon. And with the addition of the new convoy experimental beta for ETS2, it's going to be a lot more fun trucking across Europe with some of my friends.

I've also driven and own other trucks in ETS2. These are a couple screenshots of some of the trucks I own in the game:

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