One thing I still can't seem to successfully deal with is stress and anxiety. When ever something new happens in my life, I tend to let it build up to uncontrollable levels. Admittedly, I am the one to always bottle things up and hope to deal with them later on. This is definitely not a good way to manage anything as it will result in things only getting worse. I was browsing the internet recently and discovered an article on "stress, anxiety and meditation" and I was very intrigued by the benefits of what meditation can provide. It seemed like the solution I was always trying to find.

After reading that article, I decided I'd give myself a bit of a challenge and try to meditate at least once a week without fail. It's definitely not been easy to do. When you meditate, you have to try and clear your mind and only focus on the moment, so it is something you can't just master straight away. It takes time and a lot of patience. As each week goes by, I am slightly getting better at meditation and I can already start to feel the benefits it provides. A lot of the stress I was bottling up, is slowly going away. I am going to continue to try and meditate at least once every week and with time, hopefully increase it to twice a week if I get any spare time.

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