Got my booster vaccination

Last week on Thursday the 16th Dec, I received my booster COVID-19 vaccination due to the new Omicron variant. The vaccine I got for my booster was Moderna. This was different to the two initial vaccines I got, as I had the Pfizer vaccine for those. With the Pfizer vaccines, I didn't really get any side effects, apart from the sore arm and a slight headache.

With my Moderna booster, the side effects hit me like a freight train! I got the chills, my body was aching all over and I felt very tired. Along with those side effects, I had the usual arm ache from having the vaccine. These side effects lasted for around 2 days and taking paracetamol did help in making me feel better for a few hours. Despite these side effects, I am glad I got my booster shot as I am somewhat better protected from COVID-19. I'll continue with mask wearing in public spaces though, as the vaccine doesn't make me invulnerable from catching the virus.

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