Building a Discord bot from scratch

During my spare time recently, I've been working on a multipurpose Discord bot that has moderation tools, music and other misc. features. It's something that I've been building when I've got some spare time. Development for the bot is going at a steady pace and I've already managed to build the music integration that works by pulling audio from YouTube using their public API. I am also working on supporting Spotify links so they can be played seamlessly too. However, this is turning out to be fairly difficult because of the way it works with merging with the current YouTube API - and I am a complete noob at coding this.

Did I mention that I am building this thing while learning a new way to code? That's right, I am learning while I am building it. I've had to use many YouTube videos and coding forum tutorials to get this thing up and running, but I'm getting there and making decent progress. Friends of mine have asked me if I'd ever release it to the public and to be honest - probably not. This Discord bot is simply a personal project of mine and by no means do I have the funds to host the bot on a dedicated server for possibly thousands of users to use. It's just too demanding and costly.

Maybe I'll change my mind once my Discord bot has more features and is more stable, but for now it's something that I work on in my spare time and I don't really have any intention of releasing it (at least not yet).

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