COVID-19 - 12 Months On

After having a really bad wave of Covid-19 in the winter, it finally seems that things are starting to look better for the UK. Our daily deaths are down a lot compared to 3 months ago and our daily cases have decreased too. The Government has also lifted some of the lockdown restrictions that were in place and life is slowly starting to feel somewhat on the normal side again. Of course, we still have to socially distance and wear masks but now we can go to more place and do more things. We can only hope that another wave doesn't happen or we will have to go into a strict lockdown once again.

When it comes to the Covid-19 vaccine, I haven't been called to have mine yet, so I am still fully unprotected from Covid-19. However, with how fast everyone is getting their first shot in the UK, it shouldn't be too long until I get mine. I was reluctant to even get a vaccine at first but now I want to do my bit to protect myself and others.

Despite the good news for the UK, I am heartbroken to see what is happening in India. They are unfortunately struggling to get the second wave of Covid-19 under control and as a result, many people are losing their lives because hospitals are at full capacity. I send my best wishes to everyone in India and I hope that things will get better quickly.

The sun will rise again.

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