My Covid-19 Vaccination is booked

The other day, the UK Government opened up the Covid-19 vaccination bookings for my age group and now I can finally get vaccinated and be fairly protected from this awful illness. As soon as I was able to book my vaccination appointments, I went onto the NHS website and secured two pretty good dates for my jabs. As I fall into the under 40s category for vaccinations, I will either be receiving the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine at my first appointment, followed by the second a couple months later. My first jab for the Covid-19 vaccine was booked for early July but now it's been moved forward to June 24th. I am hoping I can receive the Pfizer vaccine as it offers a bit more protection over the Moderna one but as long as I receive a vaccine, I am fine with whatever one they give me.

My second jab is currently scheduled for September, so I should be fully vaxxed for the winter months ahead. I will probably write another blog post after I've had my first jab explaining how the process went and if I had any side effects.

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