How to: Add 2FA tokens to Authenticator editor for Standard Notes

This easy to follow guide will show you how to add two factor authentication tokens into the Authenticator editor (formally known as TokenVault) for Standard Notes.

Note: To use the Authenticator editor in Standard Notes, you will need to be subscribed to either the Productivity or Professional plan. Find out more about Standard Notes plans here.

When creating a new note, select Passwords and Tokens (or Authenticator) in the editor menu located at the top right of the screen.

You will then be presented with a largely blank screen like in the screenshot above.

To add your first 2FA token, click on the Add new button on the top right.

You’ll then be presented with this box:

From here, you can add the secret key that was generated from the website or service you are wanting to add by pasting it into the Secret input box.

Some websites also allow you to save the QR code as an image. If it allows this, you can click on the Upload QR Code button in the top right and it should input the secret key for you.

The Service input box is where you input the website or service name.

The Account input box is where you input your website/service account username or email address.

The Notes input box is where you can add any relevant notes related to the 2FA token.

When you have finished inputting your secret key and other relevant information, click on the Create button to add it to the Passwords and Tokens editor note.

Your 2FA codes will then appear in the Authenticator editor list like this:


You can also colour-code different 2FA entries in your Authenticator note.

To do this, you can either; click the “…” on the right side of an already created entry, select Edit, and click on the box on the top right. This option is also immediately available for new entries.

And that's it! You now have your 2FA tokens safely stored in Standard Notes.

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