How to: Sharing your Standard Notes subscription with others

In recent weeks, the team at Standard Notes have added the ability for users to share their subscription with 5 other people. If you are subscribed to the Professional plan, you can share it with a significant other, family member or friends - and they get the same features like maximum note revisions, shared 100GB of encrypted storage and encrypted backups on their desktop computers.

Sharing a subscription with others is easy and requires a few steps.

Before following these steps, you need to make sure that the person you want to share the subscription with has set up a free Standard Notes account. If they haven't done this, the invite link will not work when accepting.

To share your Professional subscription:

  • Open your preferences menu in the bottom left corner of the Standard Notes app.
  • On the account section, scroll down to the "subscription sharing" box and click on the "invite button."
  • Input the invitee email into the box and click "send invite."

The invitee will then get an email containing a clickable link.
When clicking on the link, they should get a text dialogue stating the following;


Congrats! You've successfully shared your subscription.

Please note:

  • If the text dialogue shows "success:false" at the end after the invitee has clicked the link, the invite did not work.

  • Shared subscriptions DO NOT get unique storage. Everyone shares the 100GB encrypted storage.

  • You can remove an invitee from sharing the subscription by removing their email from the "shared subscription" box in the Standard Notes preferences menu.

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