Cold winter's day

After days of being stuck inside sick, I felt well enough to step foot outside the four walls I call home. The sky was a vivid shade of blue, with the sun hidden behind a curtain of grey clouds. The trees were covered in a thick blanket of white frost. Icicles hung from the branches, sparkling like crystals as light from the sun hit them. The air was crisp and still, and the only sound was the occasional chirp of a bird or the rustle of the leaves in the wind. Every breath I took was visible, and the cold could be felt in every bone in my body.

As I was walking along the path in front of me, the fresh layer of frost crunched beneath me. I saw another person was bustling around on their daily commute to work, their hands tucked deep in their pockets, their head bowed against the frosty wind. I then stood still. The harshness of the weather reminded me of how fleeting life can be, but I also savoured the quietness and the solitude that the wintery weather brought with it. With a moment of reflection, I took a deep breath and walked on, feeling more alive than ever before.

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