Why I still use Standard Notes 3 years on

Peace of mind

I've always wanted a digital "lockbox" where I would feel comfortable to write and store personal things, whether my own beliefs and opinions, or sensitive information like health records. Because privacy is a core tenet of Standard Notes, end-to-end encryption is built into the application - so only I can read my notes. That's why Standard Notes is, and will continue to be my personal digital "lockbox" for my thoughts for many years to come.

Flawless syncing

In the last 3 years of using Standard Notes, I've only had a couple of times where the syncing of my notes have failed - and I mean that loosely. With those small instances, my notes were still completely fine because Standard Notes creates a "conflicted copy" of the note on the device ensure no data is lost. With all the note taking apps I've used before like Evernote, Google Keep and OneDrive, I truly believe that Standard Notes has the best syncing between devices. Period.

Audited security

One thing I love about Standard Notes are the security audits that are published for all users to see. The development team at Standard Notes regularly conducts security audits to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities, making sure the application remains secure over time.

There are many more things about Standard Notes that I love, but these are the main reasons why I still continue to use this app 3 years on.

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