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Very good predictions for Summerslam.

Cool blog. Keep it up :)

Couldn't agree more with the sea of thieves blog post. The game has turned into a place filled with toxicity. The game will mostl likely be dead in the next year or two.

Your writing style is simple and refreshing.

Mooty mooty is awesome!

I really like this blog. Clear to understand and not complex. Nice work.

nice blog.

nice blog

Been reading through your blog and find it very interesting. You seem to have a good perspective on things in life.

Keep up the good work bro


THE CHIEF CHONKER HIMSELF! Cool dude. Cool blog.

Great post about the apps you use. Very interesting and informative.

Love your wrestling predictions

Great Wrestlemania predictions!

In response to your rant: How WWE can release Samoa Joe out of all people really confuses me too. I'm starting to become less of a fan of wrestling now. There's too many negative things.

I like your bucket list blog post. The ice hotel sounds very cool and the time capsule is a great idea! :D

Congrats on getting your first covid vaccine!

I like your blog

I really enjoyed your master password blog post.

Hey Kieran, I really like your pay per view prediction posts. I am a big fan of WWE and AEW too.

Well deserved! Your blog is awesome. I wish you posted more often.

Nice blog layout :) Very cool

Congratulations on becoming a featured author on Listed. Well deserved and a great member of the community!

Everytime there's a WWE ppv, I always come to your blog for your predictions on the matches. You seem like you get them right most of the time too. Are you sure you don't have inside knowledge? :'D

Bro! Your blog page looks dope!

Thanks for helping me on the standard notes discord server!

Hey! Found your blog and read "I like being incognito" (November 22, 2021). You asked if someone can relate and my answer is: YES, absolutely! I think I know exactly what you mean. Thank you for this post!

Interesting blog post about the applications you use. As for SimpleLogin, there is also another alternative called Anonaddy. It does the exact same thing but provides unlimited aliases for free but with a cap on bandwidth.

I like the idea of "video game photography". There's something fun about that compared to calling them screenshots...

Sorry to hear about your struggle with depression, brother. Hang in there.

Get well soon brother

Really like your random facts blog post. Very interesting facts to read!

I always look forward to reading your WWE predictions every month. You're usually spot on when it comes to the results. Are you sure you're not working for WWE or have insider knowledge haha

Came across your page from the standard notes discord. Keep up the good work

I really liked your blog post about old USB sticks. 'Twas an interesting read.

Lovin' the Coffee theme. Thank you for sharing it!